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Kitsilano Yacht Club
Vancouver's Neighbourhood Yacht Club since 1934

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Kitsilano Yacht Club was founded in the summer of 1934 to foster amateur yachting on English Bay in Vancouver and encourage competition at the highest level. The club is home to many active one-design sailing fleets, including the Star, 505, Martin 242, Melges 24, Lightning and Cal 20 and outrigger canoe and SUP racing teams. 

We run a Thursday night and Sunday afternoon race series and host several regattas. In 2016, we hosted the 505 Canadian Championship.  The 2017 Kits Invitational Regatta was also Cal20 Canadian Championships, Lightning PNW District Championships, and 505 Western Canadian Championships.  September 2017 saw us host the 6M Oceana Cup Regatta as part of the lead-in to the  6M World Championships held at RVYC.

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Sailing Lessons at Kitsilano Yacht Club


Learn to sail at KYC with Mac Sailing, you can also improve your sailing skills with additional courses         

Call us at 604-224-7245 or e-mail

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Kitsilano Watersports  

This program provides kids with an introduction to a number of watersports and activities over the course of a week.

Junior Cruiser

This course offers teenagers an introduction to cruising on our Martin 242s. The curriculum includes sailing, trip planning, safety, weather, docking, anchoring, man overboard and local navigation. The goal for this course is to give students a basic understanding of cruising and the elements involved. Upon completion students will be worthy deckhands for local cruising expeditions. CANSail 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Private Lessons 

We tailor a variety of packages for you, will contact your shortly after your purchase to arrange your dinghy instructor and schedule according to your needs.


Keelboat Day Sailing

The Day Sailing courses are hosted aboard our 24 foot Martin 242s. Courses take place at a variety of times between March and November each year. 
Sign up in groups to get a discount (automatically applied during checkout). Get your Pleasure Craft Operators Card during the course for 40% off regular rate (optional).

Basic Cruising 

This program is a good first step for those interested in chartering yachts around the world. Courses take place aboard our Martin 242’s.

English Bay Cruise

There’s no better way to see Vancouver than cruising around English Bay. Enjoy a 3 hour cruise with a certified instructor aboard our 24 foot sailboats. Have a brief lesson first or head directly out on the water and experience the magic of sailing in English Bay. Group of 4 max.

Private Keelboat Lessons 

Keelboat lessons take place at the Kitsilano Yacht Club. We offer our private lessons in a variety of packages. 
Lessons are scheduled for a minimum of two hours. We will contact your shortly after your purchase to arrange your instructor and schedule according to your needs.

Private Lessons

We tailor a variety of packages specifically for you. You will be contacted shortly after your purchase to arrange your personal dinghy instructor and a schedule according to your needs.

Home of Pacific Reach Paddling


Home of Pacific Reach Paddling

Outrigger canoeing is a sport in which an outrigger canoe (va'a, wa'a, waka ama in Tahitian, Hawaiian, similarly in Polynesian language) is propelled by means of paddles. Outrigger canoeing has grown from its roots in Polynesia to become a very popular paddling sport, with numerous sporting and social canoe clubs established around the world.

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