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How to become a member

The process of becoming a member of KYC is straight forward. Click here to complete a online membership application form.  Membership requires a sponsor. Don't worry if you don't have a sponsor, reach out to our manager to get you set up with a sponsor If you have agreed with a current KYC Member to act as your sponsor, use their name on your application.  Like many new members, if you do not currently know any KYC members, you will be assisted with this upon receipt of your application.

Once your application is submitted, a representative of the club will contact you in the coming days, if you have any questions about the membership or application process, the Club Manager will be happy to speak with you on 604-730-1646. 

Once your application has been approved by the Executive Committee, you will be invited to make an online payment. Upon receipt of your payment please contact the Club Manager to arrange an orientation.

Membership Categories

Standard Member for persons who sail or use the club regularly and participate in club sponsored events.

Non-Resident Member applies to any current member who, for the current year, will ordinarily be living outside the Greater Vancouver area and will not ordinarily be participating in Club-sponsored events or use Club facilities. You will be expected to prove your eligibility for this status. Non-resident members do not share the same privileges. (No vote)

Student/Junior Member for those persons, who are enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university.  Young persons 10-18 years of age inclusive wishing to participate in the junior activities of the Club. This also applies to full-time students of 19-23 years of age.  

Children < 19 years old of standard and new standard members automatically become Junior Members upon application without payment of any fees or assessments.  (No vote)
Please refer to our Club ByLaws (rev.2016) for details.


KYC prides itself in its strong volunteer commitment. This is one of the reasons why KYC membership rates remain  very affordable. All members are expected to donate 10 volunteer hours to KYC per season. You may use your unique skills to help maintain the property, or volunteer at one of our events or regatta's.

Volunteering opportunities appear periodically on the KYC website or as directed by the Volunteer Manager or Club Manager. Members are expected to ensure they have fulfilled their volunteering commitment by renewal date the following season. Upon renewal, $15 per hour donation is expected for each hour of incomplete voluntary contribution.

Fees Structure 2023

Please note that all membership and storage fees become due on March 1st annually, this also applies to new members who join part way through the season, membership and fee's will not be pro-rated. Please add 5% GST to all fees and additional 7% PST to gate FOBs. 

Membership Fee





Student / Junior



Co-op Fee
Paddleboard & Sailboat usage $150.00
Please see the Co-op Program  for more details

Boat Storage


Martin 242








Cal 20




Laser - on dolly


Laser - on rack storage


Optimist - on rack storage


Santana 20


Fireball $985.00
Paddleboard/Kayak  Fee

Paddleboard/SUP per board


Kayak/Canoe storage $205.00

The sailboat storage fees are assessed periodically by the Executive Committee. KYC is a one-design facility, applications to include a new sailboat fleet at the club should be discussed with the club manager. 

Rack stored equipment is priced at standard sizes, additional charges may apply for oversized items.

Ancillary Fees


Locker – small


Locker – medium


Locker – large


Gate Pass FOB **


Sail Canada ( formerly CYA ) 


Crane Launch Initiation

** All new members require a new gate fob to access the grounds and clubhouse. Gate fobs are not transferable, and non-refundable. Allowing others to use your fob is a serious breach of your membership and club policy, and your membership may be in jeopardy as a result. If there is a requirement for others to access the club on your behalf, this should be done by prior approval from the club manager.