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KYC Lifting Rig Requirements

KYC has been working with Fleet representatives and Western Equipment Ltd. to come up with a set of load-rated lifting sling specs to improve safety while launching and recovering boats at the KYC pier.

Suitable vessels will be able to use KYC hoist with have the suitable lifting gear in place appropriate to its Class. See below for images and descriptions applicable for each One Design class.

In advance the vessel must be insured to KYC requirements, pay the crane initiation fee. Complete training and a waiver with the club manager.

Members may use the club hoist with appropriate insurance for their vessel. A copy of the proof of insurance must be filed with the office.

KYC will require a load-test every 3 years of the lifting straps and other components that you purchase as it will become a condition of your Storage Agreement, just as Liability Insurance is.

Orders for component types can be made with Colm Webb, General Manager ~ Tel: 604.730.1646

The official document with recommended lifting rig packages for each fleet can be found HERE