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Junior Optimist High Performance and Beginner Programs

KYC is home to a growing fleet of Optimists under the leadership of former Olympian and multi-award winning coach Tine Moberg-Parker.

The season runs from March, with its five day boat handling and speed training camp, through November.  

More about the BC Sailing Circuit

The Optimist, a very stable small boat with a single sail, is the perfect single-handed boat for children age 6-15 to learn to sail, increase their self-confidence, physical literacy and develop strong racing skills that will carry them on to other KYC fleets as they age out of the Optimist.  

Novice sailors of any age start in the Green fleet and hone their skills through weekly after school practices and introductory Green races in local regattas. By year two they move on to the Junior Race Team in their age cohort (White, Blue or Red) fleet and add some weekend practices as well as competing in the BC regatta circuit and travelling to Kelowna for Sail West.

The Junior Race Team transitions into the High Performance Senior Race Team (age 12-15). This year these senior sailors are not only racing in the local BC circuit events, but also travelling to Squamish to train, San Francisco to train and race and to Kingston and Ottawa for the Canadian Championship!

As befits their name, the Optimists are a friendly, welcoming group who encourage each other to improve their sailing skills.


If your child has never sailed before, sign them up for one of our Summer Camps designed and led by our race team coaches.

For those with a little or a lot of experience, please contact Club Manager
or 604-730-1646 to become a KYC Optimist!

Kitsilano Yacht Club Junior Awards 2018

2018 KYC Junior Awards

Thank you to their coach Tine Moberg-Parker for all of her hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to:
Marco Rossi - 3rd overall in the 2018 British Columbia Optimist Red Championships
Rory Walsh - 2nd overall in the 2018 British Columbia Optimist Blue Championships
Charles Harland - 3rd overall in the 2018 British Columbia Optimist Blue Championships
Max Ramsey - 3rd overall in the 2018 British Columbia Optimist White Championships