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Calendar 2020

The calendar now has the 2020 event schedule.  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Bluenose Regatta – 

November 2nd and 3rd, 2019


Bluenose Regatta is a BC Circuit event for the following classes: 29ers, 420s, RS Feva, Laser Full Rig, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7.
Other participating fleets include 505 and Cal 20, and Optimist classes - Red, Blue, White and Green.

Bluenose Regatta is the final event of the 2019 BC Circuit

Chair - Colm Webb

NRO - Robert Woodbury

NRO - Paul Evenden

CRO - Shawn Christie

Chief Judge - Jenn Ross

Sunday Sept 29 Afternoon on the Deck - BBQ after sailing

On Sunday, September 29th, KYC’s Lightning Fleet hosted an informal BBQ on the deck after the Lawrance Cup race was finished.  40+ sailors, other members, and guests enjoyed a sunny early fall afternoon on the deck.

Thanks to all who participated as a good time was had by all after an excellent breezy, sunny couple of hours of racing.

Lawrance Cup Race Sunday 29th September


This is anything goes race around the bell buoy.  Add a spinnaker, add another sail, increase the size of your sails.  You can even paddle if you want.
Sunday, September 29th, 2019, 1200

Lawrance Cup 2019 Results

Kits Invitational Regatta July 13 - 14

CAL20 Canadian Championships
Lightning Pacific Northwest Championships

Kits Invitational 2019 Results

Summer Sailing Camp at the Kitsilano Yacht Club

Kitsilano Yacht Club was delighted to have your children to join us for fun Summer Camps this last summer.  Come back to us next summer!

KYC Calendar - Click here

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Kitsilano Yacht Club was founded in the summer of 1934 to foster amateur yachting on English Bay in Vancouver and encourage competition at the highest level. The club is home to many active one-design sailing fleets, including the Star, 5O5, Martin 242, Lightning and Cal 20 and outrigger canoe and SUP racing teams. 

We run a Thursday night and Sunday afternoon race series and host several regattas. In September, we hosted the Vancouver 2018 5O5 Canadians.  The 2017 Kits Invitational Regatta was also Cal20 Canadian Championships, Lightning PNW District Championships, and 5O5 Western Canadian Championships.  September 2017 saw us host the 6M Oceana Cup Regatta as part of the lead-in to the  6M World Championships held at RVYC.

What's New?

The Hailer, and other news is available now on the news feed

Home of Pacific Reach Paddling


Home of Pacific Reach Paddling

Outrigger canoeing is a sport in which an outrigger canoe (va'a, wa'a, waka ama in Tahitian, Hawaiian, similarly in Polynesian language) is propelled by means of paddles. Outrigger canoeing has grown from its roots in Polynesia to become a very popular paddling sport, with numerous sporting and social canoe clubs established around the world.

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