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COVID-19 Stage 2 Update & Commodore's Blog Update for Members

May 23, 2020

Dear Members,

It’s been good to see individual members and family groups getting out on the water.  KYC has been able to keep yard access open for this type of activity.   Colm and volunteers are working hard to get our Stage 2 – safe return to normal operations plan in place.   BC Sailing issued an update May 15 (you can read it here) and they hope to issue guidance on Return to Sport guidelines by the end of the month.    We hope to have our formal safety plan for Stage 2 and next steps in place by June 1.

The full news and update is available for members here:  Blog - From the Commodore's Deck

Next update June 1

Menno  Bos
Kitsilano Yacht Club

April 27, 2020
Thursday Evening Virtual Regatta sailboat racing is on.
Details here:
May 2020 Virtual Regatta Series

Dear Members,

Since I can't talk to anybody in person right now I thought I'd start this blog for members only.
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From the Commodore's Deck

Commodore Menno

COVID-19 Update - Co-Op Equipment
April 9, 2020

Dear members:
Because the Club is unable to guarantee proper cleaning of personal use equipment between uses and enforce social distancing on Club-owned equipment, at this time we need to restrict the use of Co-op equipment to single person paddle hulls only.  SUP boards and single person kayaks are available for use by Co-op members in good standing who use their own paddle and PFD.   Club-owned personal equipment will not be available for shared use. 
Sail Bosun Zenon will advise Co-op members in good standing of the details of this policy.

Menno Bos
Kitsilano Yacht Club

COVID-19 Update from KYC

April 2, 2020

Dear members:
Update and and clarification:
The front gate is still open to members to access their personal boats and equipment only.
Remember the personal social distancing is 2 metres.

Kitsilano Yacht Club Members:


COVID-19 Restrictions


Kitsilano Yacht Club Clubhouse is closed until further notice; including toilets and changing rooms.


Access is permitted only for:

1.  Emergency Access to AED 

2.  Emergency Access to first aid supplies

3.  Pre-authorized and planned work to be done in or on the clubhouse itself under supervision of the manager or a flag officer of the Club.


Any questions or to arrange authorized access please contact the manager - 778.871.0278


We take the health, safety and welfare of our members, staff and of the general public who interact with our facility seriously. To do our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19 we are closing the Kitsilano Yacht Club clubhouse effective end of day Wednesday March 18 until further notice. All club-sanctioned events are also cancelled until further notice.

Our gates will remain closed to the public. Members with key fobs will be able to access the club grounds. If you do come down to use your craft we ask that you do so only if you are healthy, and we ask that you maintain appropriate social distance at all times.

Manager Colm Webb will be on site and available by cell phone 778.871.0278.

As a reminder, public health authorities make the following recommendation:
The most important thing you can do in preventing the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses is washing your hands regularly and avoiding touching your face.
Maintain a minimum two (2) meter distance between yourself and others.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Menno Bos


Kitsilano Yacht Club

Calendar 2020

The calendar now has the 2020 event schedule.  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Kitsilano Yacht Club was founded in the summer of 1934 to foster amateur yachting on English Bay in Vancouver and encourage competition at the highest level. The club is home to many active one-design sailing fleets, including the Star, 5O5, Martin 242, Lightning and Cal 20 and outrigger canoe and SUP racing teams. 

Home of Pacific Reach Paddling


Home of Pacific Reach Paddling

Outrigger canoeing is a sport in which an outrigger canoe (va'a, wa'a, waka ama in Tahitian, Hawaiian, similarly in Polynesian language) is propelled by means of paddles. Outrigger canoeing has grown from its roots in Polynesia to become a very popular paddling sport, with numerous sporting and social canoe clubs established around the world.

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